Govan History is a site with three main topics, 'An Early History' is a brief review of the area's more distant past,george then the experiences of growing up in the town are told in the two books of biography 'A Govan Childhood - the 1930s' and 'In Peace and War'. They provide a vivid word picture with photographs, sketches & drawings of what it was like living in Govan.

Since it was formed in 1997 the author has been archivist of the Pollokshaws Heritage Group, and has written about and collected other writing - Old Pollokshaws (2002), Bygone Govan (2003) Bygone Pollokshaws (2004) and Pollokshaws Through Time (2010). All four are available from Stenlake Publishing Ltd. There's also A Brief History of Pollokshaws and other items that can be found at The Group meet at 1pm on Mondays for about half the year in Pollokshaws Parish Church Hall in Shawbridge Street. Anyone wishing to contact us can do so through the web site.

The Photographs, Sketches and Drawings that accompany the books on this site employ a 'Magnify' feature, if you click on the image above it will expand for easier viewing, click on it again and it will shrink back to normal size. This feature can be use for all the images within the books which should enhance the reading.

The author worked as a driver at Glasgow Corporation Transport Department's Newlands Garage for fourteen years from 1960, and has written many pages about his experiences during that time. Although this web site referes mostly to Govan, much of the writing here describes what would have happened on the roads around the south side of the city at that time, so it might be of interest to some viewers of this site.

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